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TKS® FIKI Ice Protection Set for Cirrus SR22, Turbo Models

Cirrus SR22 FIKI TKS Ice Protection System

Salina, Kan., January 12, 2009 -- Fully integrated TKS® Ice Protection System technology from CAV Ice Protection will be available in the second quarter of 2009 on Cirrus Aircraft.

In making the announcement to a live global media audience, Cirrus Aircraft Chairman Alan Klapmeier said, "Known Ice Protection completes the picture for many people when it comes to reliable, personal transportation. For many, it can allow operations on marginal days that icing forecasts would otherwise preclude travel. This means a Cirrus customer can get more utility and ultimately more capability from their airplane investment."

Cirrus Aircraft and CAV Ice Protection, Ltd. partnered in the development of the new capability. The TKS Ice Protection System includes precision crafted, laser-drilled titanium leading edges on wings as well as horizontal and vertical tail surfaces. Ice lights on both sides of the Cirrus SR22 illuminate wing leading edges and tail surfaces through a sophisticated prism lens. An automotives style de-icer system distributes TKS fluid onto the windshield, and the propeller is protected from ice by a traditional slinger ring dispersion system.

Ian Bentley, Vice President for Products and Services at Cirrus Aircraft said, "This is probably the most extensively tested known ice package ever developed for general aviation. The Cirrus Known Ice Protection certification program had the same icing envelope and followed similar testing protocols as airliners under FAR Part 25." A word of caution followed. "Known Ice Protection approval does not create an 'all weather' airplane, a perhaps overused term in aviation. Even airliners and corporate aircraft cancel flights for weather -- particularly winter weather. A broad knowledge of weather operations and flight experience in your Cirrus is always necessary."

Cirrus will also offer additional support for pilots with an online "Icing Awareness" training program focused on the Cirrus "known ice" airplanes. The training program will be required for known ice pilots and recommended for others. Additionally, TKS fluid is available at the online store.

CAV Ice Protection is the exclusive manufacturer of TKS Ice Protection Systems for general aviation use ranging from single engine piston-powered aircraft to mid-size business jets.

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CAV Ice Protection, Inc. is a global aerospace supplier of airborne ice protection systems for civilian, commercial and military aircraft. The company specializes in the design, consulting and certification services and manufacture of aviation ice protection systems. Headquartered in Consett, England, CAV Ice Protection has operations and manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, United States and Poland. For more information, visit and follow the company on Twitter at @CAV_ICE.

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