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TKS price adjustment for 1st January 2019

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CAV Ice Protection is increasing the price of TKS® Ice Protection retrofit kits for the first time since 2012, to more accurately reflect the value of the system’s capability and longevity.
To honor current enquiries, we 
guarantee that any orders placed prior to 31 December 2018, and required for delivery by 31 March 2019, will be fulfilled at existing 2018 prices.

If you are interested in purchasing a retrofit kit, you can request a callback and Sales Manager Jeff Holden will be in touch quickly to discuss your requirements.

For most models this is a modest price increase but no matter how this change affects you, we will work to ensure you act now to get the best solution possible for your aircraft.  

We are committed to enabling you to fly safely and our TKS® Ice Protection Systems provide premium performance and reliability for inflight icing conditions, with certification available for both Inadvertent (non-hazard) and Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI).

Once installed, our technical support services are also always on hand to answer any questions you may have about the system to ensure you are always protected.

To find out more about the TKS® Ice Protection System for your aircraft and to secure our existing pricing before 31 December 2018, request a callback or call our sales team directly on +1 913 738 5396.