TKS® DTD 406B Ice Protection Fluid

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About TKS® fluid

Helping you fly through winter, CAV Ice Protection TKS® fluid is dispersed from the TKS Ice Protection System -- laser-drilled titanium panels on the leading edges of the wings, horizontal and tail surfaces. A traditional slinger-ring provides ice protection on the propeller. Dependent on whether the system is inadvertent or FIKI-certified, the windshield is protected by either one or two on-demand pumps. A backup mode is provided for FIKI-certifying systems.

Working as a freezing point depressant with a freezing point below -76°F (-60°C), TKS fluid flows over the protected surfaces and keeps the aircraft virtually ice-free. As the TKS system is used, the fluid flushes out any accumulation of debris on the panels. Glycol has cleaning properties and will not harm the paint finish of the aircraft. There is also no performance loss; only significant ice protection capabilities are added.

CAV Ice Protection TKS DTD 406B Ice Protection fluid meets the AL-5 and DTD 406B standards.

TKS Fluid DTD 406B Safety Data Sheet

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