Freezing Point Depressant System Design

Freezing Point Depressant System Design

Design & Consulting Services

We can help you develop the best airborne ice protection system program for your needs.

Freezing Point Depressant System Design

CAV Ice Protection has over 50 years’ experience in the design, certification and manufacture of the TKS® Freezing Point Depressant Ice Protection Systems (IPS) for commercial, general aviation, corporate and military aircraft.

TKS continues to be one of the most popular IPS technologies used today across a broad range of aircraft, as both an OEM equipment option and aftermarket retrofit installation through STC and TC amendments.

We offer TKS IPS systems in both TKS FIKI (certified for Flight Into Known Icing conditions) and TKS No-Hazard (inadvertent icing encounter).

All TKS IPS programmes are designed for your specific aircraft's design, flight envelope and mission profile. CAV Ice Protection supports your programme from initial design inception to certification and manufacturing launch.

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