Icing Consulting

Icing Consulting

Design & Consulting Services

We can help you develop the best airborne ice protection system program for your needs.


Icing Consulting

Ice protection technology and certification requirements are a continuously evolving discipline. CAV Ice Protection’s engineering staff are leaders in the industry and internationally recognized experts in all facets of design, certification, system integration and manufacturing of Anti-Ice and De-Ice IPS systems, including Freezing Point Depressant, Pneumatic, Thermal-Electric and Expulsive Hybrid technologies.

CAV Ice Protection can support your organisation with independent consultancy.

•    Early Aerodynamic Design and Mission Guidance
•    System Hardware Design and Platform Integration
•    Interface, Controller and Smart Sensor Applications
•    Certification Method-of-Compliance, Project Planning and Delegated Design Authority
•    Flight Test, Icing Wind Tunnel and Laboratory Environment Testing
•    Theoretical and Applied Aerodynamic, Thermodynamic, Electronic, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Expertise
•    Reliability, Life-Cycle, Safety Testing and Component Qualification, including Mil-Spec and DO-160 Testing
•    International Certification Support for UK CAA, EASA, FAA, Transport Canada and numerous other Airworthiness Authorities in Asia, Latin America and Middle East
•    Manufacturing Process Planning and Operational Integration

CAV Ice Protection can support your design organisation in these specialized areas proving quick, cost effective and experienced programme support for your project. 

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