Cirrus SR22 FIKI

Cirrus SR22 Platinum FIKI TKS Ice Protection
FIKI Factory Option

TKS® Ice Protection Systems certified for Flight Into Known Icing Conditions (FIKI) are a factory installed option on all new Cirrus SR22 models.

Cirrus SR22 FIKI TKS Ice Protection System
Cirrus SR22 G6 FIKI 2017 Landing
Cirrus SR22 FIKI 2017
Cirrus SR22 Platinum FIKI 2017
Cirrus SR22 Platinum FIKI 2017 under moonlit sky
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Anti-Ice and De-Ice System: 
Anti-Ice and De-Ice System
TKS® fluid exudes from plane’s leading edges
Lift strut: 
Protects the entire airframe
Close up of panel: 
Laser-drilled titanium panels with 800 holes per square inch
Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) Certified
FIKI Backup Mode: 
Anti-Ice and De-Ice System with Backup Mode
Single engine: 
Panel construction: 
Laser-drilled titanium
Tank capacity: 
8 gallons (30.28 litres)
2.5 hours in Normal Mode
System weight without fluid: 
60 pounds (27.21 kilograms)
System weight with fluid: 
134 pounds (60.78 kilograms)
Power consumption: 
3 amps @ 28 volts during Normal Mode
Applicable Models: 
SR22, SR22T, SR22 GTS, SR22T GTS