SLD Guard Ice Protection System

SLD Guard™ is a new airborne anti-ice system designed to meet new FAA aircraft certification regulations addressing Flight Into Known Icing conditions containing Supercooled Large Droplets (SLD).

Cessna Citation CJ4 SLD Guard Anti-Ice System

How SLD Guard Works

Working as a freezing point depressant system, SLD Guard is a hybrid technology designed to handle SLD ice accumulation on aircraft wings at critical flight controls. Thin titanium strips less than an inch wide are installed in the upper wing surfaces ahead of ailerons, as well as upper and lower surfaces on the horizontal stabilizer, preserving natural laminar flow. The system dispenses an ethylene glycol-based fluid with a freezing point below minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit from thousands of .0025-inch laser-drilled holes in each strip. Fluid is dispersed as air flows over the aircraft. The system performs as both a de-ice and anti-ice system during SLD icing encounters.


• Designed to meet new FAA certification regulations addressing FIKI conditions containing SLD
• Panel flow provides anti-icing and deicing aft of Appendix C protected area
• Simplifies certification and improves operational performance
• Natural laminar flow performance remains the same
• Incorporates into any ice protection system
• Surface profile unchanged from original design
• Aesthetically unobtrusive flush mounted panel
• Power consumption: ~40 watts

SLD Guard Anti-Ice System Diagram


SLD Guard is designed for encounters with severe freezing rain and freezing drizzle, as defined in 'Appendix O' of the new regulations allowing the aircraft to safely exit these dangerous icing conditions. SLD Guard now permits aircraft to be certified for continous operation in all Federal Aviation Regulations section 25.1420 Appendix C and Appendix O conditions.

SLD Guard Anti-Ice System Close-Up


SLD Guard can be retrofitted into any existing ice protection system design such as pneumatic boots, electrothermal, bleed air, and freezing point depressant (e.g., TKS Ice Protection). It can also be incorporated into a new aircraft design, regardless of the primary ice protection system technology selected by the manufacturer. Additionally, SLD Guard simplifies certification and improves operational performance in NextGen aircraft.

CAV Ice Protection can help you build the best program for your needs.

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